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The Regional Characteristics Of China's Bearing Market Are Very Obvious
Aug 12, 2018

From the perspective of industrial pattern of bearing market in China, regional characteristics of bearing market development in China are obvious. The regional characteristics also reflect the imbalance of the development of bearing market in China. For example, in some old industrial production bases in China, the development speed of bearing market is relatively slow. Hope to have the support of technology and policy, our country bearing market innovation ability more and more strong, enterprise own development is getting better and better, in the process of bearing industry development, China should speed up for real, and in specific industry under the guidance of development goals and priorities, system to promote the development of bearing industry, in order to achieve the bearing producer to bearing production power. China's bearing industry has developed up to now, and has a relatively sound industrial foundation. However, the development time of bearing market in China is relatively short. As an indispensable and important equipment for modern industrial production, bearing market has become an important strategic equipment of the country, and its technical level can reflect a country's comprehensive national strength. In the past, when China could not independently produce bearing market, products were imported from abroad at high prices, while the technology was still in the hands of developed countries.

The leaders of relevant government departments should give full support to the development of bearing industry, adopt various development modes according to the actual needs of enterprises, expand the development space of enterprises, let enterprises find common interests in the development mode suitable for them, and reach the awareness of cooperation, so as to make the bearing industry larger and stronger together. In this aspect, the experts of bearing factory shop put forward their Suggestions, and built a good government support platform to promote the steady development of the industry. Face up to the problems and difficulties existing in the development of the bearing industry, jointly solve the problems of capital, sales and logistics, and increase support according to the actual situation of each enterprise; We should introduce powerful enterprises into the country with plans and goals, promote the development of small enterprises through large enterprises, and make the bearing industry bigger and stronger. At the same time, we should strengthen communication with the government and financial institutions, support each other and work together.