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How To Transform And Upgrade Bearing Industry In Face Of Market Challenge
Aug 12, 2018

The domestic bearing industry has achieved rapid development in recent years. However, with the development of the market, users have more and more requirements on the precision, performance and type of bearing products, and the market demand for high-grade bearing is constantly increasing. In order to meet the market demand, domestic bearing industry should improve the quality of bearing products as soon as possible.

At present, the development environment of China's bearing industry is undergoing profound changes. The deep-seated problems accumulated over a long period of time have become increasingly prominent. The extensive growth model cannot be maintained, and has entered a new stage where we must promote sound and rapid industrial development through transformation and upgrading. The transformation is to transform the mode of development to one driven by innovation, driven by endogenous growth, intensive and efficient, green and low-carbon, and dominated by domestic demand. Upgrading means comprehensively optimizing the industrial structure, organizational structure, technological structure, product structure and layout structure, and promoting the overall optimization and improvement of industrial structure. Through transformation and upgrading, we will accelerate the transformation from the traditional road of industrialization to the new road of industrialization, improve the core competitiveness of China's bearing industry and its capacity for sustainable development, and achieve scientific development.

China bearing industry association proposed at the beginning of the 21st century that, through the efforts of three to four five-year planning periods, China was transformed from a major country in world bearing production to a strong country in the world, realizing the transition from big to strong. The key bearing products to be developed in China include:

Bearing for nc machine tool: bearing for high-speed and high-precision nc machine tool and electric spindle, bearing unit for ball screw of machine tool, rotary table bearing for large machine tool; Rail transit bearings: high-speed emu bearings, heavy-duty railway wagon bearings, new urban rail transit bearings;

Long service life and high reliability of auto bearing, cars with third generation wheel hub bearing unit, long-life auto water pump shaft bearing, new overloading car axle bearing and unit, cars with automatic transmission bearings, auto throttle stamping outer ring needle roller bearings, heavy-duty rev power motive with stamping outer ring needle roller bearing, automobile generator bearing unidirectional pulley assembly, auto generator belt roller overrunning clutch, car coupler needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings, automotive steering gear auto steering machine thin-wall ball bearing;

High-power wind power generator set bearings: booster bearings, main shaft bearings over 2MW, generator bearings over 5MW, yaw and oar bearings over 5MW, variable pitch bar joint bearings over 2MW.

High speed, high precision and high reliability metallurgical mechanical bearings: thin plate mill bearings, continuous casting line segment bearings, high-speed wire guide bearings and units;

High-power engineering machinery and mining machinery bearings: shield main bearing and propulsion cylinder bearing, cement vertical grinding bearing, large-sized engineering machinery heavy-duty long life bearing, extra-large bearings for non-highway dumper, gearbox bearing and heavy load for engineering machinery, long life, maintenance-free, shock-resistant shaft sleeve.

In addition, there are also deep-well ultra-deep well oil rig bearings, high-speed long-life textile equipment bearings, ultra-precision medical device spindle bearings, civil aviation self-lubrication joint bearings, RV reducer series of ultra-light precision bearings, printing machine roller high-precision high-load bearing and maintenance of long-life cross shafts and other products.

In a word, China's bearing industry should optimize its organizational structure to build its core competence. Optimize and upgrade technology structure to build core technology; Through optimization and upgrading of product structure, core products are built and core competitiveness is improved to achieve the transformation from big to strong. This is the development roadmap for China's bearing industry to optimize its structure, transform and upgrade, and grow from big to strong. It is the only way for China's bearing industry to survive and develop in a period of profound adjustment in the world and China's economy with both opportunities and challenges.