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Reflection On The Development Road Of Bearing Foundry Industry In China
Aug 12, 2018

China's exported bearing products have the largest tonnage, but the lowest added value. Therefore, efforts should be made on the added value of the technical content of the exported products. After several years of industrial transformation, adjustment and reorganization, the rapid development of foreign bearing industry shocked it. At present, the Chinese economy steady high-speed development, the bearing industry have been overcome various difficulties, cling to the domestic market, relying on cars, high-speed railway, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing industry, the development of IT and electronic appliances and other big emerging industry, has been focusing on the innovation and transformation, constantly adjust product structure, also let bearing bearing industry has realized the trend is becoming better and better progressly. Almost all of the workshops are automated production. In recent years, the bearing manufacturing industry in China has made great progress in the general environment that the country revitalizes the equipment manufacturing industry, among which the bearing industry which is superior to the current bearing manufacturing technology level is superior. However, the development of the industry in the last five years has been mixed. We are glad to see that the degree of industrial concentration has been improved, leading enterprises have maintained rapid growth, and the most important thing for enterprises is to improve their combat effectiveness, and to focus on quality and take a high-quality route. For the development of bearing enterprises, specialization, specialization and precision will be the only way to develop.

The level, variety and production capacity of bearings reflect the country's technical and economic comprehensive national strength. However, it is difficult for bearing industry to revitalize bearing industry. According to the bearing factory shop, the digital manufacturing technology required for developing bearings is the core of advanced manufacturing and the key to achieve independent innovation. Therefore, for the whole industry, revitalizing the bearing industry is both a strategic opportunity and a severe challenge.

In the meantime, high-grade bearing product also had rapid development,. The concern is that many small and micro businesses are scattered, low added value of products, excess capacity, and many companies sell at low prices, the market is not standardized and other problems.