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IMG_12402.jpg Machine Tools:

Bearings for machine tools, which is known as spindle bearings, directly influence the machine's accuracy and performance. Tapered roller bearing made by TEDIN company with adjustable clearance and high precision (P5, P4, P2) help our customer's machine tools to have a better performance.

Rolling Mills:

Four row tapered roller bearing, three row cylindrical roller bearing and four row cylindrical roller bearing usually used for rolling mills: multi-row hot or cold rolling mills. It is required the bearings to carry large load. As the work roll bearing, it is the most important factor for the rolling mill's performance.


Steel Industry:

The bearing's working conditions in steel industry is full of dust, water and heat, etc. It required the bearing should be with capacity of large impact load, better lubrication solution, unique sealing way, and better stability.


Printing Machine:

For a long time, bearings for printing machine depends on imported bearing. TEDIN has successfully produced tapered roller bearing and eccentric bearing for customers to replace the imported bearings.


Pipe Threading Lathe:

Pipe threading lathe machines are mainly for oil drilling industry, geology, metallurgical industry on pipe processing. Using tapered roller bearings, which ensure the stiffness and better performance of the machine spindle. TEDIN are supplying 329 series, 320 series and 3518 series tapered roller bearings with P5, P4 precision grade for our customers for years.

Plastic Packaging Machinery:

Plastic packaging machinery request the bearing, as one of the most important part, with high accuracy, stability, long working life, to guarantee the good performance of the whole machinery set. TEDIN study and produce double row tapered roller bearings for our customers.


Solar power Industry

Typical solution for customer:

High accuracy and reliable angular contact ball bearings for solar power output end.

Thread cutting lathe_副本.jpg

Thread Cutting Lathe

Usually, angular contact ball bearing, NN series cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings are suitable for precision machine tools, used as spindle bearings. TEDIN is always support our customer with professional service.