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Pipe Threading Lathe
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Typical Solution:

Double row Tapered Roller Bearing: 351980 /P5,

Single row Tapered Roller Bearing: 32952 X2/P5, 32956X2/P5;

Application: Pipe Threading Lathe Machine;

(Thanks the customer for suppling the pictures of pipe threading lathe machine tools.)

Pipe threading lathe machines are mainly for oil drilling industry, geology, metallurgical industry on pipe processing. Using tapered roller bearings, which ensure the stiffness and better performance of the machine spindle.

We are glad to know our customer is satisfied by our products: single row series tapered roller bearings: 32934X2/P5, 32952X2/P5, 32956X2/P5, 32064 /P5, and double row tapered roller bearing: 351980/P5.

Pictures of Bearing 32952X2/P5:


Picture of Bearing 351980 /P5:


Pictures of Pipe Threading Lathe Machines: