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Bearings for machine tools always be called "spindle bearing". Spindle bearings as the basis component parts, its performance directly affects the speed of the machine, turning precision, rigidity, resistance to flutter vibration cutting performance, noise, temperature and thermal deformation etc, thereby affecting the machining parts precision and quality. Therefore, high-performance machine tools have to be equipped with high-performance bearings.

For the precision machine tool spindle bearings, the precision grade should be better than P5, and for CNC machine tools, need to choose p4 grade and above---such as ultra-precision bearings.

Machine tools bearings typically includes tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thrust bearings, crossed roller bearings, YRT bearings, and so on. Especially the tapered roller bearings, with their adjustable endplay, provide the bearing better performance on rotational accuracy and rigidity.


Angular Contact Ball Bearings


Crossed Roller Bearings


Tapered Roller Bearings


Application: high speed cutting spindles, high speed grinding spindles, high speed boring spindles, precision vertical milling, precision horizontal milling, etc.