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Common trouble shooting of slewing bearing
Aug 12, 2018

1. Rotation of slewing support is not flexible.

Before delivery, the rotary bearing has been strictly tested and tested, and all products are qualified. Therefore, if the phenomenon of retention is found, it can be eliminated by the following measures.

(1) idling of newly purchased products is not flexible. Please check the production date of the rotary support. If the time is longer (for more than half a year) and the weather is cold, it is possible that the grease in the raceway is sticky and will not work well (cold area and winter are outstanding). Exclusion methods:

• if the force can be operated and there are no other abnormal conditions, it can be used normally; If there is abnormal noise, check if there is any serious trauma during the transportation, and send the information back to our sales service department for processing.

(2) the operation is not flexible after installation. It may be that the host mounting surface and the slewing support mounting surface do not cooperate well, resulting in that the axial clearance of the rotary support after installation cannot compensate the deformation of the rotary support, the rotary support is in the state of negative clearance, and the rolling body is difficult to operate in the raceway (sometimes with abnormal noise). Poor meshing of large and small gears; Or the size of the gear card has foreign matter. Exclusion measures:

• rework the installation plane of the main engine to make the installation plane conform to the requirements; Or the packing filling method is adopted.

• adjust the meshing side gap of the sized gear according to the requirements again, especially pay attention to the maximum beating position of the gear.

• check to make sure there is no foreign body in the meshing position of the size gear.

• replace a slewing support with a higher clearance.

(3) the operation is not flexible during use

• lack of grease and fill up as required

• the seal bar is damaged, causing foreign matter to enter the raceway (such as poor operating conditions and dust invasion in the raceway).

• check the meshing status of the large and small gears and the presence of foreign body or broken teeth. If the rotary support cannot be turned after the above measures are taken, there may be a fault in the raceway, please inform our after-sales service department to deal with it.

2. Different day

Some steel ball rolling sound will be made when the wheel bearing is idling. It is normal. After the operation of the slewing support after installation with another abnormal, large sound is called abnormal sound.

(1) the slight abnormal sound of the new product during idling will generally disappear after several turns. If it does not disappear, it may be caused by slight deformation of rotating support during transportation. However, if the operation is flexible and normal, it can be safely installed and used and will disappear after a period of time. If loud noise or use after a period of time (generally 2-4 months) still did not disappear, should promptly contact our after-sales service department.

(2) if there is abnormal noise in the trial operation after assembly, it shall check whether the installation surface is smooth and meet the requirements. If the roughness of the installation surface fails to meet the requirements, it will cause abnormal noise in the negative gap of the raceway. Or the size of the gear meshes not well, when tight loose, in the tooth jump maximum position meshes too tight to produce abnormal sound.

(3) to produce sound, in use process, first of all should determine whether as the thrum of the slewing bearing, some thrum of the steel structure or other artifacts that are often mistaken for the thrum of the slewing bearing, therefore, can be used to stop slewing bearing rotation, other components are functioning to identifying noise sources) has the following several reasons: roll passage for lack of grease, rolling body collisions with every piece of noise, the noise can be removed after filling in time; There is foreign matter mixed in the raceway, such as sand grain, iron filings, etc., which is often accompanied by the difficulty of rotation (generally, this situation is easy to occur in the harsh environment in the service condition). At the same time should pay attention to whether the seal is broken; Installation bolts are loose, resulting in elastic deformation of rotary support and negative clearance of deformation position, etc. Please contact our after-sales service department for processing if there is still abnormal noise of rotary support.

3. The shaking

After the slewing bearing is loaded, its clearance is about 3-5 times that of the factory inspection (three-point inspection method), which can be continued to be used in this range.

(1) loose bolts are installed, causing shaking during work. Please check all mounting bolts of inner and outer rings immediately and tighten as required.

(2) the steel structure of supporting rotary supports is not rigid enough, which produces elastic deformation when loading, resulting in overall shaking of rotary supports. Increase the strength of the supporting slewing bearing steel structure.

(3). Check whether the operation is overloaded, and operate in strict accordance with the procedures.

(4). Long-term overloaded operation results in crumpling of the roller track and excessive clearance. Please inform our after-sale service department to deal with such situation.

4. Broken teeth

If the rotary bearing has broken teeth, please protect the site and immediately notify our after-sales service department for analysis and treatment.

(1) the gear breaking is often directly related to installation, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:

. Improper side clearance of size gear during installation, which fails to meet the requirements, resulting in improper meshing of two gears during operation, resulting in broken teeth.

Side gaps should be adjusted strictly as required.

. Failure to adjust the meshing gap with pinion at the maximum position of pinion jump as required, resulting in the pinion stuck when meshing with pinion jump at the maximum position of pinion jump, resulting in broken teeth.

The position of green paint should be meshed and adjusted with pinions, and the trial operation should be carried out after adjusting as required.

• the axis of the big and small gears is not parallel. After installation, the big and small gears do not mesh well, resulting in broken teeth.

The two gear axes should be made parallel.

The installation bolts of rotary support are not fixed tightly, and the size gears do not mesh well, resulting in broken teeth.

Bolts should be tightened as required.

(2) application

. Violation of operating procedures, overload and tell rotation, host collision (sweep) obstacles, etc.

The operation should be done strictly according to the operation rules.

• foreign matter gets stuck when the slewing support meshes with the pinion.

Size gear should be kept clean and checked frequently.