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The Control Of The Core Technology Of Bearing Determines The Development Of Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Aug 12, 2018

In recent years, domestic wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, deep well drilling rig, offshore drilling platform and other fields have opened a huge equipment demand market, but the bearing, as a key part of the foundation, has become its soft rib.

In view of the development direction of China's bearing industry, state councilor wang yong pointed out recently that the development of equipment manufacturing industry is determined by the mastery of the core technology of bearing. Bearing is the foundation of manufacturing industry. If China's manufacturing industry wants to go high-end, bearing first needs to go high-end.

It is worth mentioning that domestic high-end bearing market has great potential, which also provides opportunities for domestic bearing enterprises. The core technology of breaking through high-end bearing is a good medicine to break the predicament of bearing industry.