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Domestic High-end Bearing Development May Require Multi-channel Parallel
Aug 12, 2018

In the era of economic globalization, China's automobile, aviation, medical and other industries are also booming, which virtually provides a broad development platform for the domestic machinery casting industry, while China's hardware bearing industry is also developing steadily upward. In recent years, the production scale of bearings in China has expanded rapidly. The number of bearing enterprises has reached nearly 2,000, of which nearly half are large enterprises with sales revenue exceeding 5 million.

At present, China's hardware bearings have constituted a larger economic scale, but with the development of the market, users of bearing products precision, performance, type, and other requirements are increasingly higher, which has also evolved into the market demand for high-grade bearings has increased greatly. This also requires Chinese bearing enterprises to actively develop high-end products to meet the market demand, so as to drive domestic demand through independent innovation and brand building, and drive the basic machinery casting industry towards the international field.

In addition, under the guidance of the 12th five-year plan, China's high-end bearing casting industry has formulated the industry development plan. The development policy of driving domestic mould industry with project and export was formulated. It is believed that driven by the development of various fields such as rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace and automotive lightweight, the level of China's bearing casting industry has been significantly improved.

Machinery casting industry in the traditional market steady progress, at the same time is actively exploring new channels. At present, China's machinery casting industry is moving towards higher product class and lower manufacturing cost, striving to make it reach or close to the international advanced level.