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To deal with bearing performance requirements in working environment
Aug 12, 2018

The bearing is composed of an inner and outer ring, a rolling body (ball, roller or needle) and a retainer. When the bearing is working, the bearing inner and outer ring and the bearing rolling body are subjected to high frequency and variable stress. Working conditions of bearings are very complex. The load is concentrated on a small area of the roll. Theoretically, for the ball bearing, the effect is on one point; As for the roller, it ACTS on a line, and the contact area between the rolling body and the ring is very small (point/line contact). Therefore, when the bearing parts work, the unit area of the rolling body and the ring surface will bear great pressure, generally up to 1500-5000n /mm2. When the bearing rotates, it also bears the action of centrifugal force. There is not only rolling but also sliding between the rolling body and the ring, so there is friction between the rolling body and the ring. Under the combined action of the above mentioned forces, fatigue cracks first appear on the surface of the ring or the rolling body where the fatigue strength is low, and finally fatigue spalling occurs, resulting in failure of bearing damage. Normal damage of bearing is contact fatigue damage, plastic deformation, indentation, wear and crack are common.