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Bearing Ancient History
Aug 12, 2018

China's ancient working people began to understand rolling in production and life 4,000 years ago

The function of the body, using the log to support the significant object to move forward; Metal tiles are used to reduce friction between objects. For example, there are numerous ancient buildings in Beijing city 850 USES a large stone and wood, the raw materials come in thousands of miles away in the cloud, guizhou, sichuan and guangdong two lakes and zhejiang, fujian and other places in the mountains of collection and each stone weighs several tons, wood trunk diameter of more than 1 meters, 10 meters high, how over the mountains and rivers, lakes shipping arrived in Beijing, in addition to the part of waterway transportation, the vast majority of the rolling element, for land transportation.

Chariots were invented before the spring and autumn period and warring states period. The hub of the chariot wheel was made based on the principle of bearing, while the modern bearing came into being with the advent of bicycles.