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The New Revolution Of Industrial Bearing Age
Aug 12, 2018

Bearing industrial machinery food, once when the second world war Germany because of bearing town bombed by American aircraft, the aircraft artillery production lines and industrial machinery comprehensive disabling, finally affect the lifeblood of the whole Germany, so the parts are small but great responsibility, strengthen the ability of high-end manufacturing in the large-scale domestic industrial mechanization and support factory, as long as it is to turn the machine it is necessary to use high quality bearing, into small parts and small parts also.

At present, domestic bearings are mainly divided into three categories: Imported bearing (high-end and mid-range customers), domestic bearing (medium and low-end customers), linqing bearing (fake and small brand bearing), monopolized the whole market, the quality of imported bearings generally accepted good durability is easy to buy fake goods and production waiting for a long time, the price is also the domestic bearing several times, for many customers also had to choose, in recent years in domestic bearing, also is to have more technical breakthrough, but in the aspect of material selection and heat treatment, grinding is still a big gap with foreigners, but the process a lot of request is not high and low - and in the end customer group is also popular, price is cheaper, Cost performance is good, linqing bearing a lot of is to be on the crown production false bearing and small brand is famous, but everybody still chooses genuine bearing, to counterfeit say no, lest bring unnecessary economic loss.

Now domestic reform and opening up, in addition to Sweden, Japan, Germany, and bearing the big three, including the United States, Italy, Europe and other countries have their own import and export of industrial machinery products to the domestic to digest and trading, is undoubtedly a new positioning and shuffling in bearing industry, after the trend is not expensive, you can do whatever you want good quality and competitive trend will make service, price, quality and after-sale more perfect and in line with market demand to locate the real!