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Large-size Spherical Roller Bearing Produced By TEDIN
Dec 06, 2018

Large size spherical roller bearings has been delivered to our customer.

Large size spherical roller bearings has been packed and delivered to our customer today.

Spherical roller bearing 241 630MB W33 Spherical roller bearing 241 560MBK30C3W33

Type:  241/630MB/W33;                                            Type: 241/560MBK30/C3W33; 

Dimensions: 630/1030*400mm;                                Dimensions: 560/920*355mm;  

Spherical roller bearing 2 Spherical roller bearing  1 

Comparing with other types of roller bearings, spherical roller bearings have the following performance:

  1. Low rotating speed, resisting impact, resisting vibration;

  2. It has the function of self-aligning:  it can still operate normally when the inner ring axis has a large inclination with the outer ring axis (generally within 3 degrees).

  3. Mainly subject to large radial loads;

  4. Withstand with small axial loads;


  1.  Metallurgical mining machinery;

  2. Construction Machinery;

  3. Lifting and Transport Machinery;

  4. Papermaking Machinery;

  5. Textile Machinery;

In metallurgical industry, TEDIN's bearings are mainly used in conticasters, conveyor rolls of hot rolling and heating funaces. We also do bearing maintenace for steel rolling industry.