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Bearings For Industrial Robots
Jan 12, 2019

Bearings for Harmonic reducer 800

Tedin finished R & D and production of special crossed roller bearings, customrized for industrial robots' harmonic reducers. We also delivered samples to our potential customers for test use. 

Harmonic reducer (RV gear)bearings are one type of crossed roller bearings, mainly divided into SHF series and SHG series. The picture above shows the cross roller roller bearings developed by TEDIN company, used for SHF seires harmonic reducers. Both the inner ring and the outer ring of SHF series crossed roller bearing are integral structure, which are suitable for the parts with high rotation precision both of the inner and outer rings. The series is designed as a whole structure with the plug hole loading rollers, which avoids the bad influence on the bearing during the installation process. Since the inner and outer rings have been machined with mounting holes, the fixing flange and the support base are not required, which is more advantageous for installation. 

Bearing for harmonic Drive 800 2

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