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Batch Of Spherical Roller Bearings Have Been Finished Production.
Sep 17, 2018

Today, TEDIN finished the production of batch of spherical roller bearings for our european customer.

Spherical Roller Bearings.jpg Spherical Roller Bearings.jpg
Spherical Roller Bearings.jpg

TEDIN's main products: Spherical roller bearings, extra-large spherical roller bearings,  and  non-standard bearings and other series of products. 

TEDIN's roller bearings are widely used in mines, petroleum, metallurgy, steel plants, rolling mills, cement, paper, power plants, wharves and heavy industrial machinery, electronic machinery, electric tools, medical machinery, sports equipment.

1 the measurement and adjustment of radial clearance:

To ensurethe inner ring of the middle bearing, and the radial clearance reserved for the thermal expansion of the roller and the shaft diameter will not be too large or too small, so as to prevent the change of the clearance in the later installation, the following measurements should be paid attention to. When the required installation clearance is not reached, the installation clearance shall be gradually adjusted to the specified installation clearance according to the normal installation method.

A heating method for installing bearings requires the shaft to be isothermal with the bearing and the installation clearance shall be measured again.

 B before the lock washer is installed, Measure the installation clearance again.

 C when the oil pressure nut is replaced by the lock nut, again measure the installation clearance.

 D after the oil injection pump oil pressure is unloaded, Measuring and installing clearance again.

 (2) pressing method for axial orientation and adjustment of inner ring of centering roller bearing

 A taper shaft lock nut, end cover, end cap or hydraulic nut direct pressing bearing;

 B tight fixed apply lock nut or oil nut direct pressing bearing;

 C Axle locking nut or hydraulic nut press release bushing for bearing installation.