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Tapered RollersTapered rollers with: 1.logarithmic curve; 2.Super finished; 3.Diameter range: 5-160mm; 4.Accurace/Precision grade: Class I; 5.Material: GCr15, GCr15SiMn, G20Cr2Ni4A 6.If the roller diameter is large, forging processing will be necessary.

Tapered Rollers

The tapered rollers produced by TEDIN also has logarithmic curves. The logarithmic curve is the most ideal surface shape of tapered rollers. Traditional tapered rollers often have two problems: the first is that the convexity of the roller is not guaranteed during the processing of superfine, especially when the convexity is high; the second, the divergence of the convexity is not easy to control. The contact mode between each roller and the bearing raceway is not uniform, especially in the high speed working condition, which will affect the precision and service life of the bearing. By adjusting the equipment and tooling, we can directly and accurately process the logarithmic curve required in the grinding process, which can ensure that the rollers’ convexity divergence is very small, and the superfine process mainly improves the surface finish. A more ideal surface profile of the tapered rollers can be obtained without a large amount of superfine.

The runout of the end face of the roller is a very important technical factor, and its size directly determines the rotation accuracy of the bearing, which is more obvious in the tapered roller bearings. The base surface runout tolerance of tapered rollers through traditional processing method will be very large. Through the modification of the equipment and tooling, we can make the roller base and guide surface completely fit together, then, when grinding the base surface of the roller, and it will not produce runout and yaw difference, so that the roller base surface can be guided with high precision, and the roller base surface runout tolerance is better.

At present, beside of our own use, our bearing rollers have been supplied to LYC, ZYS, TMB, ZWZ, COOPER, etc.



tapered rollers roundness.bmp

Test Results of cylindrical rollers roundness (Class I)

tapered rollers profile.bmp

Test results of cylindrical rollers profile (logarithmic curve)

tapered rollers roughness.bmp

Test results of cylindrical rollers roughness (logarithmic curve)

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