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Cylindrical RollersCylindrical rollers with: 1.logarithmic curve; 2.Super finished; 3.Diameter range: 5-120mm; 4.Accurace/Precision grade: Class I; 5.Material: GCr15, GCr15SiMn, G20Cr2Ni4A 6.If the roller's diameter is large, the forging processing is necessary.

Cylindrical Rollers

The precision of rolling elements is the most important factor that affects the  bearing rotational accuracy. The general application of each precision grade of bearing rollers showing as in the below table:

Precision grade of bearing rollers

Precision grade of the Bearing

Class  0

Class  P2


Class  P4


Class  P5


Class P6P0

For some low-noise bearings, also required to assembled with bearing rollers with precision grade 0 or I.

Because it is not easy to purchase high precision bearing rollers in the market, and in order to meet the needs of high precision bearings of our own, we set up our own bearing rollers production line.

Through technical exploration and innovation, the processing technology of grade 0 / 1 cylindrical rollers has been fully grasped, and the surface of rollers can be completely grinding into logarithmic curve. This shape is the most ideal for the load distribution and self-lubricating of cylindrical rollers.

TEDIN have precision roundness measuring meter, profile measuring meter, high precision altimeter and harness measuring meter, for tests on cylindrical rollers roundness, profile, and roughness, height and hardness etc. 

bearing rollers.jpg

profile measuring of cylindrical rollers

Test results of cylindrical rollers profile (logarithmic curve)

Cylindrical Roller Roundness.png

Test Results of cylindrical rollers roundness (Class I)

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