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Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings1. Universal paired angular contact ball bearings;
2. DB/DF paired angular contact ball bearings;
3. Cage type: Bakelite cage, Nylon, Brass cage;
4. Precision Grade: P5, P4, P2;

Single row angular contact ball Bearing

The axial load capacity of angular contact ball bearing is determined by contact angle. The greater the contact angle, the higher the axial bearing capacity, and the smaller the contact angle, the smaller the axial load. On the other hand, the smaller the contact angle, the greater the capacity of bearing radial load, and the more suitable for high speed application. The single row angular contact ball bearing can only bear axial load in one direction, but when bearing radial load, it will cause additional axial force, and can only limit the axial displacement of shaft or shell in one direction. The contact angle of angular contact ball bearings is 40 degrees, so it can withstand large axial loads. Angular contact ball bearings are non-separate design, the height of the inner and outer ring shoulder is different. In order to improve bearing load capacity, one side of the shoulder will be processed lower, so that the bearing can be loaded into more steel balls.


1. Bearings for Universal Paired:

The universal set of bearings is specially machined when the bearings are mounted close to each other, any combination can achieve a given internal clearance or preload, as well as an average load distribution without the use of gaskets or similar devices. Paired bearings are used when the load carrying capacity of a single bearing is insufficient (using a tadem configuration) or when an axial load is to be subjected to a combined load or acting in both directions (using a back-to-back or face to face configuration).

2. Bearings of basic design (which cannot be used as general matching group). Single row angular contact ball bearings used in the basic design of individual bearings are mainly used in the configuration of only one bearing at each position. Its width and protrude are ordinary tolerance. Therefore, it is not suitable to install two single row angular contact ball bearings.

Two bearings group: DB DF DT;

Three bearings group: TBT TFT TT;

Four bearings group: QBC QFC QBT QFT QT;

According to the different working conditions, it can have a variety of combinations to obtain different radial and axial load capacity, and meet the requirements of high rotational speed, diameter, axial high stiffness. Therefore, it is widely used in the spindle of precision machine tools.

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